Carousel Lore and Fun

I spend a lot of time volunteering at the antique carousel here in Story City. This beautiful Herschell Spillman attraction celebrated its 100th birthday last year! This has been a major source of inspiration for stories, both horror and dark fantasy.
Some of the stories I have written:


The Carousel Series:
Book 1: The Darkness Goes ‘Round
Book 2: The Cavern of Carvers (half written actually)
Book 3: ??

Short Stories

Sweet Songs of the Earth (published in the Cellar Doors anthology)
The Seahorse Speaks (published by Pleasant Storms Entertainment)
Zombies Ride the Carousel (Read now for free!
The Surging in my Soul (editing this one now)

Great Carousel Resources:

National Carousel Association
Carousel History and Terms

I would like to open up this page to share your experiences and photographs from carousels around the world! Please comment below…


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