Boom: I’ve been published!

Surprise! I am pretty excited about this news. Four days into 2017 and my challenge to be more creative is in full swing. Ok, I already knew about this one, but its still occurring in 2017. So I am counting it.

I have a short story published by FictionMagazines in the current issue of “Under the Bed”

The link to the publisher is below (or you can find it on Amazon at From the publisher, the four gems you get to enjoy are:

Fruiting Bodies

Guy Riessen

O. unilateralis, or the Zombie Fungus, can take over the minds and bodies of entire ant colonies–and it’s just evolved a hunger for higher life forms.


Todd Stanley

A fitness tracker takes motivation to a scary level


Lynne Conrad

Two friends enjoying a movie night suddenly find themselves in a battle for their lives.

The Surging in my Soul

Erik Gustafson

Rotating slowly at the bottom of the lake, something very out place resides.

I hope you read it and let me know what you think or at least share it with your friends and family!


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