The Carousel Sighed

The carousel sighed

Gears rotated in turn, screaming like hawks

Stretching out from the giant center poll, like a ribcage, the sweeps turned

The galloping cranks, which rose and fell,

Pulled brass rods,

That impaled the colorful animals, rising and falling in perfect rhythm,

Like a youthful heart beat

Rotating the old wobbling platform,

Where pairs of horses, pigs, dogs, and even sea monsters jumped and pranced,

In their tireless, obedient circle,


They don’t blink, they don’t smile, yet still they know

The band organ in the center, like a heart,

Circulated music throughout the merry-go-round

Above the canopy, the large bearing at the top of the center pole, silently bears everything,

Like a guardian angel,

As the innocent children laughed and cheered,

The carousel sighed,

The carousel wished


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