Meet the Damned: Blaze McRob

Blaze McRob… need I say more?

The Road to Nowhere...

Whew! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?? Nah, it’s the man on fire himself burning down the joint, Master Wordsmith Blaze McRob!! Let the righteous fall to their knees, and the Killian’s flow freely while he sizzles up something yummy on the spit! Oh, dude! Your kilt is flapping in the in the breeze…

Hey, who let the Ghoul on Fire in?
Let’s meet Blaze McRob

BlazeMcRob_GhoulThis is my post for Meet The Damned, the brainchild of Nina D’Arcangela who believes our fans would like to know a little more about us. After reading my ditty, she might have second thoughts. (*Editorial comment: Nope!)

Unlike most people who get involved in the publishing business, I had it easy. My first book, handwritten on seventy-page college-ruled spiral notebooks, sold 8 1/2 million copies. Don’t go looking for it. It’s wrapped up nice and tidy between the…

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