A Call for Submissions


Attention! We’re kicking off the Military Book Section with a bang here at Visionary Press Collaborative. Sirrah Medeiros is the new Director of Military Books and she is looking for stories for an anthology titled “Oscar-Mike”. Step up with your story!!

I’m calling it military fiction, with the choice of sub-genre up to the writer. Authors, you can write a military sci-fi tale with futuristic weaponry, a historical fiction piece that is of an old world era, a heroic battle, a modern day story, or something else entirely. Whatever your fancy, just remember you must have a military theme at the heart of your story.

Ladies, I am an old Leatherneck. I hope to see stories from men and women. Let’s shake up the old stereotype that military fiction is all about the guys. Show me what you’ve got!

We will take your submissions as soon as you have a story ready, and close off submissions at midnight June 30, 2014. You’ll be ready to celebrate July 4, 2014! I know, you’re thinking it’s a bit cliché, but the end of the submission timeline will definitely end with final celebratory patriotic/armed services flare leading into Independence Day. Furthermore, to continue our military themed timeline, I’m looking for a release before Veteran’s Day 2014.

I will post the VPC/Military submission guidelines soon. I will ask that you take note of one particular section of our submission guidelines. “We do not like excessive gore or sexual content unless it is absolutely necessary to the story line.” Within the military genre, this may feel like a grey line at times. However, I ask that you make sure any explicit content is truly necessary to the story line. You can view the full text of Visionary Press Collaborative’s submission guidelines here: http://www.visionarypresscoop.ws/

Submissions accepted now! Word count 3000 – 8000 words. Please make sure your manuscript is Word.docx, Word.doc, or .rtf formats and sent as an attachment to your email. Font should be Times News Roman, 12 point, double line spaced, one-inch margins, and page breaks between chapters. Please include your author biography in the body of your email, along with links to your author webpage/blog and a brief synopsis of your work.

Submission should be mailed to sirrah.visionarypressmilitary@gmail.com


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