bellicose in action

Well, I have made it to the second letter! So far so good. It’s a gorgeous spring day though and the yard is decorated with a murky coating of winter surprises the melting snow revealed. I shoveled all the old ashes out of my burn pit already, that old washer drum is ready for more fiery action this summer!

B is for bellicose.

The photo/painting I am pairing with this word is:

photo (1)

The lowdown from If you walk into a high school where you know no one, find the toughest looking girl in the halls and tell her she’s ugly, them’s fighting words. Or bellicose ones. Bellicose means eager for war.
Bellicose is from Latin bellum “war.” A near synonym is belligerent, from the same Latin noun. You may wonder if they’re connected to the Latin bellus “pretty, handsome,” which gives us the names Bella or Isabella, as well as belle “a beautiful woman.” They’re not. War and beauty are not related, except in the case of Helen of Troy.

The Mini Story:

I shoveled out the black clumps of ash from the burn pit, revealing a powdery gray layer of soot. In my mind, I fancied myself a grave-robber stealing the ashes of long forgotten dwellers of this lonely planet. But why would anyone steal ashes? Could I swear them on my face and dance under the moon to achieve immortality or maybe just reach a state of escalate? AS I tossed another shovel-full of the ash into the bucket, lost in this morbid fantasy, a glimmer caught my eye. I looked into the gray mess and saw a tiny arc of gold, peering out of the soot like an angelic eye. I dropped my shovel and reached down to finger the object. It was a wedding ring. As I blew off the dust, a face formed in the ashes. The angry face on a long dead, bellicose groom.


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