alacrity in action

Here we go…. the first letter of my 26 letter challenge. Expand my vocabulary and maybe electrify my creative juices.


My new word today is Alacrity. New to me, so there.

The lowdown.

According to alacrity means this:

Someone with alacrity shows cheerful willingness and eager behavior, like a kid whose mother has told him he can buy anything in a candy store. While the noun alacrity normally refers to someone’s peppy behavior, it can also describe a certain mood or tempo of a musical composition, indicating how the music should be played. Alacrity comes from the Latin alacritas, and the Italian musical term allegro is a near relation.

The photo/painting I am pairing with this word is:

Light Coming Forth

The Mini Story:

The carousel spun ’round and ’round, children were laughing with plastered smiles so wide you would think they had just won the lottery. The wooden horses rose and fell in time to the music from the band organ, blasting with such alacrity that everyone on board was swept away to another time, another place. A fantasy fulfilled. Hurling through the stars and space until everything in their world was wonderful and perfect.


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