nudging the creativity

I can’t remember the last time I blogged about anything. Sure I have reblogged a few cool things from time to time, but nothing coming from me. Every time I sit down to blog, nothing comes to mind. Just like looking for gold at the end of the rainbow. There is nothing to find.

I hate that.

I want there to be gold.

So I am going to try to spark a flame on soaked logs and get a camp fire blazing with ideas.

Got an idea. Probably silly, but it will at least expand my vocabulary. Twice a week, I am going to pick a word I don’t know and pair with either a painting I have done or a photo I have taken and make up a mini story (like a weak paragraph, nothing to heavy; don’t wanna hurt my back). Could be helpful to fill the awkward silence in elevator rides.

Feel free to add to my rambles or even suggest the next word.

One rule for me is that I have to take the new words down in order. A to whatever the last letter is.


5 thoughts on “nudging the creativity

  1. What an awesome idea (and good way to keep the blog active). I may have to steal this idea, with all due credit of course.

    And I liked “alacrity.”

    Hope all is going well in your world. I’m sure I said something on Facebook, but super jealous of your recent trip extravaganza. Looked awesome.

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