A Golden Invitation

A Golden Invitation

We are a week away from the release of our 6th children’s book. This is something that I am immensely proud of. Jaime Johnesee is the author of The Golden Storybook and she wrote it originally for her children. and is a fun tale that I think all young children will enjoy. It follows the adventure that brothers,Declan The Brave, Flip The Furry, and Keegan The Wise embark on when they hear of a magic book that holds all the stories that have ever been told… and some stories that can only ever be found within its pages. I know what you are thinking… That’s a Kindle, but as wonderful as a Kindle is, The Golden Storybook is that much better.
The Golden Storybook is illustrated by Thomas Arensberg and these pictures are A-mazing. I love them. He actually took pictures of Jaime’s son’s and worked them into his drawings. I was stunned by the beauty of these pictures.
The book will be released on Friday, January 24th, and we are having a party. Come join us. There will be games, prizes and maybe a giveaway or two. And of course there will be loads of fun. Hope to see you there!

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