Writing again!

Been several weeks since I wrote much of anything. Don’t know why…been thinking about it all the time. Churning ideas, that sort of thing.  Finally, the other day I mapped out a short one-page outline of book 2 of my Carousel series.

The first book, The Carousel in the Sky is in the hands of beta readers now…the second is tentatively called The Carousel Wars. They are both the stuff of dark fantasy. Very imaginative, I think anyway.

I penned out two pages today. Not much, I know. A beginning. I am fired up now, that is the important thing. Here is the opening bits.



A lean figure stood in the shadowy cellar, pressing one out-stretched palm against the dirt wall for support; his head was swimming. His mind was being bombarded by the dozens of faintly-glowing, bone-colored roots protruding from the earthen walls. Alex didn’t know how or what exactly was happening, but somehow the writhing arms were transmitting deep into his gray matter.

Filling his head.

The greedy limbs beckoned as they danced, suspended in midair.


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