The Chant of the Storm

Digging around my computer and ran across this old poem from 1989…penned during that time between high school and becoming an adult.

The Chant of the Storm


I have been unleashed,

To my cage

I have been banished by those

who support me

I am the path with no destiny,

I am the riddle with no words

I learn from the mistakes

that I do not make

I take from that which is empty

and give to nothing

I am nothing

I climb great altitudes

and find the bottom

There is great fear of me

And the world laughs at me

I am fertile and fresh

And can grow nothing but weeds

I sing songs without words

And pray without words

And pray without hands

I have no life

Because I am life

From you, I am death

And those around me die

I speak without words

To you with no ears

I am ancient battlemarks scarring bloody lands

And the blood in them, in you:



Dance, you have no legs

Sing, you have no voice

The fire is me

And I am the water

The soil is my breath,

The water is my lungs,

The trees my fingers

I am roaring clouds swirling above you

I am pouring rain ruining your fields

And I am the field

The dark skies are my eyes,

The lightening my wraith

My only enemy are the colorful bands in the sky,

Your only ally: the brillant rainbow

Sing, dance,

-fear me

I come


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