Christmas time and writing


The weather here in Iowa has has turned. The mild fall vanished like a dark shadow in the corner of the bedroom. Snow is everywhere and the temperatures are in the single digits, some mornings the reading even has a minus sign next to the number. Not fun

What is fun are the lights and the decorations.

I have been busy with my dissertation. I can happily say after TONS of research and editing, it has been approved by my committee and the school now. It’s on the verge of publishing. The long campaign is almost in the rear view mirror.

Doctor Me. Incredible and surreal.

Anyway, no real goal of this post except to say that I am still out here writing. Editing mostly. Editing my third novel “The Carousel in the Sky” and outlining the second book in that series. The working title is “The Carousel Wars”. Surreal dark fantasy taking those wooden animals and revolving rides to whole new level. Imagination is a fun tool.

Say hi. Show off your decorations!



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