The Carousel in the Sky

My third novel is nearly done. Will probably not really. But I have written it and gone through it three times. It’s in the hands of beta readers now…

I had a dream a while back of a carousel that revolved around the roof of a mansion. It was like a crown. Except the carousel was something more. Something more than brightly painted wooden animals and a blaring band organ. Something more Sinsiter. The carny that took the tickets and rewound the music reels was a huge man wearing a black duster and had blue teeth.

The book is an imaginative dark fantasy that follows Alex, a troubled young adult who lost a great friend during his adolescence. A friend who disappeared on the carousel.

Now the vacant eyes of the horses and other animals revolving around the house look a little too real.

Alex needs answers, but those answers aren’t anything in the realm of rational.

Now for the wickedly amazing part….The Carousel in the Sky is book one in The Carousel Series. I have begun outlining book two already. I have tentatively titled it The Carousel Wars. I am pretty excited about it. My first series!

I hope you are too!

Stay tuned for more….


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