#COFFINHOP Guest Blog with Andrew Drage


 Darkening room… Growing darker.

Light fades… Shadows merge.

Evil lurks… Creeping closer.

A sudden chill… Grips my soul.

Am I conscious? All is dizzy.

Where is body? Mind is bending.

Something’s calling… Overwhelming.

Falling into darkness… Never-ending.

Henry is haunted by inner demons. Demons of the mind and demons that can take physical form. Demons he calls “The Dark Horde”. Demons that are about to be unleashed upon humanity, wreaking death and disaster in their wake. Unstoppable, incomprehensible… Imminent.

In 2012, The Dark Horde was released, a fast and intense horror novel that has since won multiple major international indie awards, garnered a plethora of rave reviews and sowed terror and awe among those that have dared its gruesome pages.

And now, to coincide with the annual extravaganza of amazing indie horror that is Coffin Hop, the promo trailer for the forthcoming project The Calling is released, warning of what is to come. The Calling is the musical prequel to The Dark Horde, unveiling the events preceding those in the novel The Dark Horde, told through the voice of tormented Henry.

The Calling is a story told through narration, guest narration and sung lyrics, all set to dark atmospheric music. It is the product of the collaboration between renowned Australian musicians, actors and artists, and will be available as an album sometime in 2014.





Can you hear…


Can you hear The Calling?


6 thoughts on “#COFFINHOP Guest Blog with Andrew Drage

  1. That was great, especially during the second part when the kid starts in. That was very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.
    How’s it going, Erik. It’s been too long, my friend. Hope things are well with you and yours.
    Happy Coffin Hopping!


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