#COFFINHOP The Creaky Old Carousel is Spinning!

The brightly colored horses glare at you from painted eyes.

Rusty, tired gears sequel and turn the giant ride, rotating the whole structure in a rhythm not at all unlike a heartbeat…

An excited, terrified heart

The band organ in the center screams a loud tune, a happy fun song

That somehow seems out of place.

Under the inky, diamond-scattered sky,

An invisible owl hollers behind you and stand with your little red ticket in your hand,

Hoping your turn never comes.

But the massive disk begins to slow…

Welcome to the Coffinhop! Its Halloween again. The annual gathering of many talented writers…its a blog tour of epic proportions. coffinhop.com is where it is all happening…go check out all the other great writers and participate in the many giveaways. Also stop back by my blog throughout the week to check out the many guest bloggers and make some new friends, find some great books to read!

I am giving away a free ecopy of our anthology “Death by Drive-In” …how do you win? Write the creepiest 100 word flash fiction piece about a carousel. I’m the one and only judge. That’s it!

Can’t wait to win or you just want to buy a  copy now? Go for it, because the anthology is a charity event supporting Litworld, a “non-profit literacy organization fostering resilience, hope, and joy through the power of story.” See more at: http://litworld.org/#sthash.p0pVxbwX.dpuf

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/149290256X/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/369986





8 thoughts on “#COFFINHOP The Creaky Old Carousel is Spinning!

  1. A wise person would turn back, but I couldn’t face the guys without completing the dare. Yeah, I know – I know! But I’ve got my rep to think of, and those things only happen in the movies.

    “See Eric yet?”

    “No. The rat probably cut down the side of the park and is laughing his ass off at us standing around here, while he’s history.”

    “Well, I’m leaving. It’s freezing out here.”

    “I’ll beat his ass for this trick tomorrow.”

    The carousel creaked from the rhythm of the body swinging from the ring above the painted pony’s arched neck.

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