The Value of Life

Just wow. In a very bad way.

Take a look at this photograph that is making its way around Facebook. For me, its not about the Pope or religion. Forget about all that. Its about how some people live versus how other people live. Just imagine the differences of experiences of people’s life. The rich and the poor. How different. What do we do about?

worth of life

I have never been so powerfully moved by a photograph, but the juxtaposition between these two people is just so extreme, it just blew me away. Moved me to tears.

It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe. Its about humanity and how we care for each other. What do we do with what we have? Little else matter so much.

Please let the implications and emotions soak in. Please share.


4 thoughts on “The Value of Life

  1. Hmm. This is a tough one. While I agree with the fundamental idea that we need to be concerned about our fellow human beings, it seems like this is such a juxtaposition (always been one of my favorite words) that it raises the stakes even more. Are we supposed to give everything we own away so we are as poor as others? Do we ask ourselves how much the Catholic Church does every day to help out the poor? Does that make it right for the leader to live in splendor (Besides the nice chair, I honestly don’t know what the pope makes each year for being pope)? Do we throw the same accusations at the leaders of our country, both in politics and commerce? These are tough questions. But thanks for making me think about them.


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