My dissertation on PTSD and the family

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  Been busy scrambling to finish the rough draft of the last chapter of my dissertation.  I finally did it! I emailed to my mentor this morning.

I may actually finish my PhD after all! So I am pretty pumped up about that and getting back to writing fiction!


That is a photo of me in 1990, deployed on the other side of the world away from my family…

The title and abstract (unedited)



Living in a home where a parent has PTSD from combat is becoming increasingly more common as our Armed Forces engage in more deployments. This current generic qualitative case study looks at the experience of five people, now adults living in the Midwest, who grew up in such a home and conducted a thematic analysis on the narrative data collected. Both the experience growing up and the perceived long-term effects of that experience were examined. The results of the study discovered four themes relating to that experience. The first was that growing up was difficult—from living in fear, faced with abuse and difficulty making friend and doing well in school. The second theme was that sibling relationships were dysfunctional as children and remained that way into adulthood. Third, they had difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships as adults—including friendships and intimate relationships. And lastly, they had, as adults, gone through a long, difficult journey to making meaning from their experiences and now use that experience for good to help others. The finding indicate a need to look at combat PTSD as family disorder, looking at ways to designing interventions that teach parenting skills and relationship building skills to this unique population of military families.


5 thoughts on “My dissertation on PTSD and the family

  1. Great work, Erik! 😀 PTSD is not discussed nearly enough in the media. And you hit the nail on the head calling it a “family disorder” as it affects everyone, in certain ways.
    Now, go get that PhD and get back to writing books! 😉

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