Keldane the Cursed blog tour!!

Keldane the Cursed

We are going to be taking Keldane the Cursed on a blog tour!
Yes, Keldane will finally be getting out of his father’s laboratory and
Barnabas and his friends will be coming along. If you are a blogger and would
like to do a book review for the tour, let us know and we will provide a review
copy. Jeffrey is available for interviews. Some fun ideas would also be to
interview Keldane, Kelimbor, Barnabas or one of his friends.

To join, just add your blog to the inlinkz link below. I
will contact you about which day you want to do your post. The hope is to have
Keldane visiting a different blog each day of the month, several blogs a day
would be exciting. Keldane hasn’t seen much outside of his father’s lab and the
Royal Acadamy of Magic, so this will be a fun experience.

*Warning* Keldane is prone to accidents, occasionally fatal.
Please insure your blog is fire proof, acid resistant and that all sharp
objects are securely stowed.


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