Submissions Open for The Bloody Book of Grotesque Love

Newsflash straight from Friday Frights to you! Read on and have some fun with it……

After nearly 2 years of our authors writing for Friday Frights, we have decided to publish collections of their amazing stories based on our monthly themes. These collections are also open to outside authors.

Over the past few months, we had kicked around a few names and have settled on The Bloody Book of . . . as the starter for each collection.

In honor of Valentines Day approaching, our first collection will be The Bloody Book of Grotesque Love. This is a theme from last February and we’re bringing it back this year during the entire month of February.

Submissions are open not only to our regular authors, but anyone who would like to submit a short story between 1000 and 3000 words or a poem between 250 and 1500 words.
How to Submit

Publish the stories and poems in your own blog and send a link to your story to We will publish a complete list of links for the Grotesque Love submissions from other blogs on the Friday Frights website throughout February. We will then choose select submissions for the anthology and will pay $10 for each story we publish in the anthology.
This theme is not about grotesque sex. While we will include links with adult warnings, extreme erotica will not be chosen for the anthology.

Remember, this theme is more about dysfunctional love.


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