Investigation 2 Results

I visited another room in my basement and conducted my second investigation!


The Setup: Storage Room in my basement, January 7th 2013 from 11:58 pm – 12:25pm

So I lasted a little longer and I am getting to know how to use the instruments a little better.

  1. EVP: Sadly, none. It is no fun listening to my recordings! Seemingly endless minutes of silence, the occasional question to probe the spirits when there is activity on the ghost radar or EMF, and my breathing.
  2. K-II EMF Readings : Overall it was more quiet in this room, but I had more spikes in the red. There were three red spikes. Red spikes gave me chills.
  3. Ghost Radar Report:

    Medium Sensitivity

    Words Spoken:
    12:12:24 AM : accurate
    12:11:04 AM : dried
    12:10:48 AM : solar
    12:10:32 AM : unit
    12:10:00 AM : know
    12:09:28 AM : pictured
    12:09:20 AM : tie
    12:09:04 AM : turn
    12:08:48 AM : choose
    12:08:40 AM : among
    12:06:48 AM : dropped
    12:00:24 AM : milk
    11:58:00 PM : explore

  4. Ghost Radar Signals detected: not many. 3 yellow. 3 red. First time I have had red signals detected. Red indicates the strongest electrical phenomenon.
  5. Observations: none.

Triangulation: There wasn’t anything significant here as well. The word “turn” came up with a red signal. The word “solar” came up when the EMF detector spiked over twenty the second time. There were no correlations with signals detected and EMF spikes. I took photographs when there were red signals and high spikes on the EMF. I am putting three of them up here for your consideration, I didn’t see anything.

I am pretty sure my basement is not haunted.

Still waiting for something amazing and haunting. I need ideas for locations, so please drop some suggestions my way!



4 thoughts on “Investigation 2 Results

  1. Once you get used to the equipment by using it in your house, you should hit up your local historical society and see if they know of any “hot spots” you could check out. Maybe some old library will let you wander around their basement. I WANT EVP’S!!!! 😀

  2. If you haven’t had any “experiences” in your basement before, then it probably isn’t haunted, but if you have ever had weird unexplained things happen in your basement, then,, eeehhh, its possible. What M.S. Fowle said. ask around for any spooky houses or “haunted” houses. If you grew up in that town, the locals should be able to tell you of a few. I know there is a book that gives haunted places in Iowa. Good luck with your investigations. Remember to also not “bring your investigations home with you.”

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