Investigation 1 Results

I finally got my feet wet and plunged into my first official paranormal investigation!

The setup:
Main Room of my basement, January 3rd. 11:00 pm – 11:15 pm

Yeah it was 15 minutes. Hardly an all night lock-in, but it is a start! The room is partially finished, really mostly finished. I choose it because it as a comfy futon to sit on while I did my recordings.

The Findings:

1. EVP: None

2. K-II EMP Readings:

This was the interesting part. Most of the time it was a steady green light (which indicates less than 1.5 mG) mG stands for milliGauss and according to research, electromagnetic fields over 2 mG can cause stress. Just for gee whiz info, everything emits electromagnetic fields and exposure at levels between 2-12 mG can increase cancer risk and weaken your immune system, over 12mG can suppress your bodies ability to make melatonin, which impacts your sleep, mood, and overall health, obviously). Serious stuff.

Luckily most of the investigation I was sitting at 1.5 mG.

There were spikes. There were 5 yellow spikes (between 2.5 – 10 mG), 3 orange (between 10 and 20 mG) and 2 red spikes (greater than 20 mG). So that was exciting. And also scary. I gotta admit I got some serious goose bumps when that thing went off.

3. Ghost Radar report:
Sensitivity Medium Sensitivity

Words Spoken
11:15:28 PM : heart
11:14:40 PM : chemical
11:05:44 PM : kids
11:02:56 PM : figure
11:02:16 PM : down

4. Ghost Radar signals detected: a couple dozen green, 7 yellow.

5. Observations: None


Obviously, the significance of the findings is stronger if more than one of my instruments had an measurable event at the same time. There were no EVPs, but EMF spikes did match up with detected energy signals on the Ghost Radar and one orange spike occurred at the same time the word “chemical” appeared on my radar as well as a yellow signal detected. That is three of five tools having an event at the same time.

The bottom line: it was fun. More research is needed! I am collecting the words to use in an story, but I really hope to be able to use words gathered from EVPs rather than the Ghost Radar words.

Next Investigation: the creepy unfinished room in the back of the basement, the one where my orange cat always freaks out in, rubbing his back on the floor as he turns himself in circles…. stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Investigation 1 Results

  1. Enjoy! Fabulous you are brave enough to ask and stay 15 minutes. I watched a movie recently with friends that was about “White Noise”, that might have been the title too. All the others who loved being scared considered this a baby non-scary movie- I WAS FREAKED OUT! This is something I never was aware of until recently. Have fun hehehe

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