Tell Me a Story, Ghost

I am excited about 2013 and hope everyone else is too. A new year full of possibilities. One new possibility is how I am going to use my blog. I’ve changed it up a bit and I am going for a new focus.

But first a quick house-keeping note. As part of the new image, i changed the URL for my blog, so please update your blogroll. My new address is

Anyway, back to the fun…..Ghost hunting. With a twist.

I am going to start out an adventure trying to locate and communicate with the other side. What will I do with what I find? I plan to use the information as inspiration for new stories. I hope it sounds like a cool idea, I know I think it does.

Here are the tools I will be using to start my journey with:

1. My wife gave me an EMF detector as a gift the other day for our anniversary.


2. Ghost Radar. A nifty app that scans the environment for energy that may indicate the presence of a spirit. It also pulls words that it detects from this energy.


3. EVP recorder. Okay it’s not an actual EVP recorder. It’s the recorder on my iPhone, but that’s gotta be the same thing.


4. The last thing is a handy dandy ghost hunting instruction book.


I plan to start around my house and where I work after, who knows! Got any ideas?

I also want to hear about any experiences you have had with the paranormal, please feel free to share them as comments or even as a guest blog. And if you have experience ghost hunting, I would love any advice or tips.

Blessing to all for 2013!


3 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story, Ghost

  1. So glad you’re still here! I must’ve missed the post about you changing the site address… scared me for a bit. 🙂 Best of luck with your ghost hunts! Sounds fun! 😀

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