Cover reveal for my next novel

I am excited to reveal the cover to my next novel “The Dark Trek Home” It was designed by the very talented Thomas Arensberg ( I am very happy with it.

Trent’s grandfather vanished without a trace many years ago and now his brother has been found dead. Mutilated in a field. And the dead man’s son is missing. A fishing trip gone terribly wrong. As Trent becomes obsessed with finding his nephew and hunting down his brother’s killer, his investigation quickly takes a nose dive into the surreal. And it’s more than just the vast amounts of alcohol he is consuming to manage his anger and grief. He soon discovers that the guilty are beyond the law—light-years beyond the law. His quest takes him, his brother’s wife, and a small band of close friends to a haunting world he knows nothing about, a world devastated by an ongoing invasion, to strike an impossible deal with the very monsters that tore his family apart. To survive and get back home, they must work together to fend off what has become a common enemy.

You can still grab the prologue free here or here.

It is being published by Visionary Press, stop by over there and check some of their other great titles! It will be available at Amazon in time for Christmas.

I hope you give it a try!


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