Coffin Hop 2012: Haunted Art

I hope everyone has their pumpkins carved and porches ready for all the goblins and superheroes about to lay siege to your home. I hope you only defense is buckets of candy. Although, I hate to admit it, it seems each year there are less and less children out and about. At least around here.

I went and saw Sinister yesterday. It was definitely disturbing. I rather enjoyed it, although I figured out the ending about halfway through the movie. I won’t give anything away, but even though I really liked the movie a lot and think every horror found should go check it out, it was very predictable. And creepy. And freaked me out in several places. Excellent movie!

Today, I thought I would do something different. I am going to share some of my darkest paintings with you…maybe they will inspire a creepy thought or two.

Keep hopping….lots of great authors out there and many prizes left to be won!


2 thoughts on “Coffin Hop 2012: Haunted Art

  1. The tree catching the moon in its branches really captures my imagination. I wish I could do one of the visual arts. I just haven’t got the knack for it. Painting and poetry and singing in key: I love all of these, but can do none of them justice myself!

    Happy Hopping!


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