Terror, my Friend

A little dark poetry for Halloween…

Terror, My Friend


I know you-

He does not,

You  sweet thing,

Saucy delicacy,

Salivating at your sight

Evil lessons, twisted tales:

All taught with lust

Gory incisions parting soft skin

-please come in!

Lifting strands pulled tight

Behind his neck in delight

Feel the strain

Love your pain


See the cold blue

Does he understand yet?

Evil lessons, twisted tales:

He must be aware

Ignite the stick

Bind his limbs

Melt the casing

Brown, black, bubble

Smell his shell

Bones do burn

It is not hot enough:

he does not know

Sweet friend, so soft


Fill the porcelain tub

Bind his limbs

Hold him under

See the shudder

Fading convulsions

Bulging eyes, sky blue

Death’s stare seeing you



It is over


I found you

Seize me!

Envelope me,

with your dark hug


Evil lessons, twisted tales

Soon, like new lovers,

we dance as one


4 thoughts on “Terror, my Friend

  1. Interesting. I think you have a story here. You could start it with the poem. Or maybe just use lines from the poem as the introduction to the story. I know I was envisioning something. Exactly what, I’m not sure, but I like the calm nature of the speaker mixed with the horrific acts being carried out.

    So yeah. You got it right with “dark.” 🙂

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