Marketing mystery

I took my stories all off KDP since I was only getting 1 or 2 lends a month anyway. Why keep them buried under Amazon’s darks by bosom if they are getting the love?

I loaded everything up on Smashwords and sent my stories to the far corners of the Internet in hopes people would start drooling and buying everywhere Smashwords distributes.

Not happening. Yet.

Question is how do you find time to market all the links for all your stories at all the different bookstores? More important, what techniques do you use to market such a variety of places?

I have several books on BN, Kobo, Amazon, Smashwords… You get the picture. How do I market all these places without spending my entire waking life marketing just to makes the rounds?

Gotta be an issue for many of you!

Take a shot and think about it!



10 thoughts on “Marketing mystery

  1. Totally understand. It’s difficult to spend hours every day weaving marketing webs across the internet and building word of mouth. I’m really not sure of the answer yet… but there has to be an answer.

  2. I’ll add onto William’s great idea of creating a Word document with all of your links. For twitter promotion, take advantage of marketing tools (HootSuite, for example) that allow you to schedule a tweet every hour or two, being careful not to spam. Then you just spend the initial time coming up with all of your creative 140 character-or-less promos and then probably a half hour per day scheduling and your done. That opens up more time for actual socializing with your peeps too . . . and writing your next bestseller.


  3. Also, once you’ve done a blog post about it why not add a new page to this blog with all your links in one place then you can just pimp the blog via your page. Pimpage for your blog (traffic) and for your books in one foul swoop. Would be a good place to put little banner ads up etc or an affiliate page for your works and will make it easier to run promos where other people can pimp your work (via the page) – if you do this you’ll never lose your ‘post’ amongst your other posts too because the ‘page will always be headlining on its own.

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