Super Artist Thomas Arensberg

Today I have the high honor of showing off the artwork of the very talented Thomas Arensberg! This is a treat I am confident everyone will enjoy.

Thomas describes himself first and foremost a father, then a painter and sculptor. He is also a martial artist.

He credits his own father as his inspiration. His dad was a great artist. As a kid, Thomas said, “I used to go under the kitchen table and into his lap as he was talking with my mom. He would draw whatever Ii asked for, must have been three or four. I asked for a sub as he was talking with my mom, very fast drawing using cross-hatching in the negative space at first. I thought he was fronting me off. I remember tears in my eyes. Then I saw the sub. For me it was magic!”

He still enjoys watching people create art with their hands. Hands are magical instruments. He enjoys watching painting, sculpting, anything really.

One artist that has inspired him was “the old ec artist—that comic, was gold to me”. Other great artists are Corben, Wrighson, Vaughn, and especially Bode. Thomas said, “I had a soft spot for the work of Bode because he never over worked the images and he painted from his mind’s eye.”

Wow a truly talented man and book cover designer! You can see a very small sample of some of his work here, as well as the fantastic cover for William Bove’s novel “Once Upon a Grave.”

Do yourself a favor and stop by Thomas’s Facebook photo album to marvel at more of his creations. You won’t be disappointed.!/pages/Thomas-Arensberg/295920287132776?sk=photos


2 thoughts on “Super Artist Thomas Arensberg

  1. I, too, love to watch people create. I’m fascinated by sculptors, and jealous of visual artists because their art is so kinetic. My cards dealt me to be a writer, though, but I enjoy being introduced to new visual artists.

    The sample of Thomas’s work displayed here is atmospheric and creepy!

    Thanks for sharing,


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