Picture becoming a story

Many times I have grabbed my camera (well ok, my Iphone) and not really grabbed, because I always have it with me… I head out to take a picture that I hope will fit well with a story I have written, so that photo can become part of the cover.

I’m sure a lot of you have done something similar. I have used details from some of my artwork for book covers in the past, and I like them. Although its hard to “retro fit” a painting I did five years ago into the cover from a fresh new story. It works sometimes. The background for my blog is one of my lighthouse paintings.

But I was at the Omaha zoo Saturday with my family and was snapping away shots at everything animal that moved or I felt was doing something pretty cool. Its not like this is my first rodeo- been to dozens of different zoos around the country in my time in the Air Force. II think I even visited a zoo in Germany or Luxemburg once. Maybe not. Anyway….was I trying to arrive at some point here?

Oh yeah…I took a picture and thought, that would make a sweet story. I should write a story around the photograph. So while I gone looking for photos and artwork to match up to existing story, I have never taken a picture and thought, “I should write a story about this” So was this first bucket list worthy? Probably not. This is the photo I took. Well its been zoomed in and cropped, but check it out:

Plot ideas? What story could grow from this elongated hand? Its an orangutan, if you couldn’t tell. If that photo was your writing prompt, where would you go with it? I have my own ideas…


8 thoughts on “Picture becoming a story

  1. I often write a story that was inspired by a photo. I am working on one now that was inspired by Sue Midlock, but even things I have ran across on the web have popped ideas into my head. Awesome photo by they way.

  2. I think just about everything I do that’s creative starts with a picture. Maybe that’s the power of pictures, or maybe that explains why i still read comic books : )

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