Iowa state fair / food on a stick heaven

Spent the day down at the Iowa State fair and it was a treat, as always.
The journey started with a bus ride from the parking garage. You come in this way to save an assload of cash on parking, but you can park on people’s lawns around the gates of you want to be close–everyone within a several block radius is selling a spot of their grass. The bus was a double bus bound together by an accordion.

Through the gates and I was immediately treated to a free bottle of five hour energy. My daughter and her friends ditched me and I headed over to were my wife works to see what was the plan for lunch. Lunch will be an extended feeding that lasts all day.

Past the world’s smallest horse, not paying to see that gag. Camel rides. Pony rides.

First course was the World’s best cheese curds and a massive pork tenderloin. Happy tummy.

After wandering around some more I found hard boiled eggs on a stick. They were free and tasty!

I had two.

Then it was time for the butter sculptures. A life size cow. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves- hey Iowa is proud of their cows and corn!



Then it was time to sample more food. Double bacon corn dog, dipped in maple syrup. Divine


Still eating. A massive Turkey leg came next…took some work to take that sucker down.


Then the wife and I went in a dark and relaxing boat ride on Ye Olde Mill aka the tunnel of love


As storm clouds rolled in, we grabbed some funnel cake and people watched.


What a great day! My stomach hurts but what the hell!!


4 thoughts on “Iowa state fair / food on a stick heaven

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I always enjoy events like this to hang out with friends and family with. It’s cool that you were able to get some freebies too. Every time we have community events, the food is usually priced very high, but that’s a trade off for a fun afternoon in the sun.

  2. My stomach hurts just looking at those pictures. Glad you had some fun! My favorite fair food would have to be dough boys -mmm. Around here, we have to wait until fall to go to fairs like that. The ones they have in the summer are just rides run by questionable people, and last year they didn’t even have the little kiddie rides because “they don’t make enough money.”
    Anti-acid makers must love you.

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