Free promo results

I just wrapped up a three day giveaway of my novel “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon” and I am quite pleased with the results.

1. Gave away about 7200 copies
2. I hit number 1 in the kindle horror list for about 18 hours
3. I made it up to number 53 in the overall Kindle store


That is amazing I think! At the same time, its a bit unnerving to see over $21000 in books fly off the shelves into parts unknown.

The best part is its in the hands of a lot of new readers… Now I nervously await the long range impact this promotion yields.

How have your promotions been?


6 thoughts on “Free promo results

  1. Congrats, Erik. I’m hoping to get my shot at trying out this sort of thing here in the next few weeks, just as soon as I can get my book up on Amazon. If I don’t pull my hair completely out before then… 😉


      • Thank you, Sir! I’m reading yours, too. It wouldn’t take so long if I weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel that is my publishing career. Hopefully things will calm down soon in that regard. I’ll be shutting this off in a few minutes so I can get to bed and read more before lights out. Have a great week, my friend. It sounds like things are going pretty good for you at the moment.

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