The Eagles #in #blog

The Eagles

Seductive eagles soaring down,
To empty fields,
Through glowing blue skies,
Tyrant eagles scanning barren land,
Searching for slow rodent,
Even to laugh at the swift,
Nothing is found,
Soaring high again,
Against powerful winds,
Over a dizzying sea,
Climbing toward the orange flames,
Star spangled feathers pressed tight,
Against the throbbing flesh,
Down below a small black oval,
Teetering on the white caps,
Yellow beaks rapidly leading,
A growing black vessel, with bright red masts,
Grows and grows,
Things are moving on it – people,
Faster, faster,
Silent, save the sharp pieces of wind,
Breaking off the barreling birds,
Like bullets, they dive into,
Scrambling people,
Tear and lift,
Gigantic claws taking desire,
Pummeling with flailing arms,
Swing the sickle,
Go with the dark man,
The roar of the water covers screams,
Until it need not,
The ship rocks without control,
Great wings stretch and cuddle,
A red feather dances to the deck,
Soaring high again,
A perfect V of fleeing eagles,
Racing toward the flaming ball,
Through the quiet air,

Full eagles

I saw an eagle chewing on a deer’s corpse


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