Guest Blog with Armand Rosamilia

Why I Want Mark Tufo’s Fans

by Armand Rosamilia

Let’s get a few things out of the way… I don’t want Mark Tufo’s life (although I guarantee it’s better than mine… just a feeling), I don’t want his looks (I’m damn good-looking if I do say so myself – and I guess I just did), and I don’t want his pets (I hate animals, remember? I blogged about it here:, and there’s a bunch of other stuff about him that I could bring up. The fact that he’s a fellow Red Sox fan makes me quite happy, and someday I hope to sit back with Mark Tufo and a few beers and watch the Red Sox game in Fenway Park while sitting next to Stephen King and have Stevie ask us about our latest books… and then Ben Affleck will get mad at me because his wife, Jennifer, will be hitting on me and trying to make out with me…

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, Mark Tufo.

I came late to the Mark Tufo party, having never read any of his zombie books when I started diving into the indies and what was out there. But when I did… I enjoyed it, plain and simple. Here was an author who could write some memorable characters, and I looked forward to each new release of his Zombie Fallout books.

Then, I innocently stumbled upon a couple of his fans, who talked about the books and loved them. And kept talking. And recited lines and talked about characters like they were old friends, and couldn’t wait for the next book.
Then… I was innocently invited into an online chat about Mark’s books, where the author himself was gracious enough to answer questions about the books. And it blew me away. Dozens of rabid fans, asking questions about every little aspect of his stories, begging for clues to what happened to this one or that one and where a storyline was headed.
I started to sweat, because I had a vision of readers of Dying Days and the Darlene Bobich stories peppering me with these questions and wondered if I knew the answers. It was amazing the amount of back-story, information and familiarity Mark had with each and every character, and it got me thinking. At that time I’d been writing Dying Days 2, and I made a conscious effort to dive as deep into these characters as I could, in the event I was asked important questions like Darlene Bobich’s favorite color (green, definitely green) or other important facts, like her first baseball game.

That would be Darlene’s daddy taking her to Fenway Park as a kid, where she watched the Bosox crush the Yankees easily. Darlene loved the game so much she didn’t notice me and Jen Garner making out, either.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Mark Tufo’s books and seeing what his rabid fans think of them!


12 thoughts on “Guest Blog with Armand Rosamilia

  1. One of the best guest posts I’ve ever read! Good luck to Armand – I will be letting my friends know about his books.
    Thanks for sharing, Erik.
    Yankees suck! 😛

  2. Hey Armand, thank you for the kind words. I’ll be honest when I heard you were doing a guest post on me I got slightly worried. But you are obviously a scholar and a gentleman and I would love to buy you the first round when we get to Fenway!

  3. I will start reading your books Armand, I’m excited to do so! I just happened upon Marks books on Amazon and he won me over when he actually responded to a Facebook post from me! Now I drive him nuts and he doesn’t care! Lol. I’ve never read such amazing zombie books before! Fear, gore and humor…a great combo…and you do fall in love with the characters! I wish Michael Talbot was real…I’m pretty sure he and I would be best friends! Hahahahaha. And let me add that I did read your short story in undead tails…so let me continue reading your others! Thanks to you and Mark and the others for giving us zombie lovers great reads!

  4. Hello Armand, I actually found you via Tufo. Looking forward to reading or listening to Dying Days. And I have a notion you’ll be my one of my favorite authors 🙂

    • That is cool, the whole idea behind the Summer of Zombie blog tour was for each of us to find great rabid fans, and anytime I can find a Tufo fan and have them read my stuff as well, I’m happy.


    • Yeah, once you read the books you’ll be hooked… I rarely see one of his fans that doesn’t rave about him, promote him and beg for the next book. We should all be that lucky, lol…


  5. Having stumbled upon Mark’s books via Amazon with their recommendation feed I thought I’d give Zombie Fallout a look as there was a sample download to the Kindle to try.
    Safe to say after I’d read the sample I then went ahead and bought the book, then the next, and the next and now have the full collection of the Zombie Fallout series, Indian Hill series and his other releases too.
    I’ve never had such a great time reading a book before (and I’ve read a fair few over the years). The characterisations are so accurate and in almost every situation there is something you can relate to that’s happened to you or someone you know in real life (well, except the killing zombies!!).
    Since I read the first book I’ve enjoyed chatting to Mark on numerous occasions and am now working towards designing and releasing a Zombie Fallout PC game which will tie in to the Little Turtle defence part of the story in ZF1 (more information on Mark’s Facebook page to see an early demo).

    With Mark though, you not only have a fantastic author but someone who is humble and appreciative of all his fans.
    I’d advise anyone who is remotely interested in the zombie genre, in fact even if you’re not, to get a copy of Zombie Fallout and see things through the eyes of Mike Talbot.
    It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and quite a smile or two as an added bonus!

    • I had no idea he was going to have a Zombie Fallout PC game, that is great… and goes to show you again that the guy is humble and doesn’t like to brag about anything. Awesome!


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