The Avengers and what I’ve been doing

I’m sitting in the movie theater watching people file in waiting to see The Avengers and I thought I wild jump on my blog and say howdy.

I’ve been skipping my FridayFlash story writing the past couple weeks. I’ve missed it but I have been busy. Ya know work.

Gotta pay the bills.

But I have also been busy writing other things as well. I finished my edits of my second novel and it’s in the hands of beta readers now. On pins and needles. It’s a combo sci if horror tale. Lots of crazy plot twists, epic adventuring and great characters. I like stories with substance. There are also zombies 🙂

I wrote a short story for an anthology from the prompts madness, darkness, and mattress. It’s quite creepy.

Writing another short story about Aaron Burr with an evil twist. The famous duel happens as planned but then tricks get weird.

I am also working on another short for an anthology featuring soon-to-be circus freaks. The woman has schizophrenia and another awkward syndrome. She is different. And lonely.

Plus I received a printed copy of anthology featuring my purple people eater story!! So cool.

Well that’s my update for now…. Oh and the biggest news of all: I just signed my first contract for a short story!! Pretty fancy.

Well I hope I enjoy the show!


7 thoughts on “The Avengers and what I’ve been doing

  1. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, my friend. It makes me tired just reading about it all! Congrats and much success to you. Well, did you enjoy the film? Avengers Assemble!


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