Honoring The United States Armed Forces and their Families

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States and I am dedicating my blog today to the men and women, past and present who have served in the military and their families.

My grandfather served in Navy during World War II. He was on a ship near Japan most of that time serving as a signalman. He was one of those guys who knew Morse code like a second language and how to use flares to communicate over the seas.

I served 20 years in the Air Force and am happily retired. My what a difference 20 years makes! Here is a photo of me shortly after I joined, during Operation Desert Storm…

..and one of me at my retirement ceremony.

I know what its like to serve and the tremendous sacrifices that are involved with military life. I have the utmost respect for the military. I hope you take a moment today to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

I would love to hear your stories about a loved one who served.

If you are an American, I hope you are flying your flag proudly today.


4 thoughts on “Honoring The United States Armed Forces and their Families

  1. Thank you for you service, Erik. 🙂
    I have two brothers, three cousins, and many friends in the military. My older (step)brother is in the Army, currently stationed in Germany. He’s been bouncing around Europe for about six or seven years now. His grandfather also served in World War II. My little brother is an airman in the Navy, stationed out of D.C. Both have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    In February of 2007, I attended the military funereal of an old friend from high school. He and I only shared a few classes each of those four years, but he was a guy that everyone got along with. It was a small school. Our graduating class only had 67 people in it, so everyone knew everyone. He left behind three kids and his wife carrying their fourth. He was 26.
    Whatever country we call home, it’s never easy knowing your loved ones are in harms way on the other side of the world. I can’t imagine what it must be like for them.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Erik. My son is a graduating senior this year who sings in the high school Jazz Choir, so we did make it down to the local service since he was performing. My dad is a veteran, so I called him and got him to come down for it, too. It’s such a cool thing to take time out to reflect on those who gave some and for those some who gave all. Thanks for your service!


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