Old buildings

I live in small town Iowa and spend a great deal of time driving through rural areas. I see a lot of broken down forgotten farm buildings and other such structures.

Dilapidated shit.

I wonder is its okay to pull up and explore or at least snap off a bunch of photos. It seems intrusive even through no one seems to be there. I just think its an idea-rich setting.

The collapsed barns, the caved in roofs looking like rotten cantaloupe. The ivy and bramble covered walls. Trees reaching in broken windows.

I am even past a ghost town from time to time. It looks like a forest unless you look closely. There is an old one room school house buried in trees. You can even see trees growing on the inside, if you peer in the doorway.

While that place is mostly deserted, there are a few blocks of homes. Old homes with cluttered lawns and groups of hollow people sitting on the porches whatever time of day I drive by.

I want to write about these neglected forgotten relics of history. I want to make book covers with the pictures I could take.

But like I said it feels intrusive.

Those ruined places are full of energy and memories. Who knows what stories of joy and heartache they hold.

It’s a fascinating past time observing these sites and some may become the setting for future yarns of horror.


4 thoughts on “Old buildings

  1. I love those sagging wrecks of past habitation. They fascinate me. There are some here in Austin, but I thought there were ‘better’ ones in the Mid-West.

    Also, just noticed you’re retired Air Force! Thanks for serving. My dad was career Army and I have tremendous respect for everyone who has served.

  2. I love seeing old buildings. Imagine the history that lives in them. There’s one such old house (though it is now fixed up) right across the local graveyard and I always wonder about that house and what lives in there. *shivers*

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