Cotton Candy Dreams

I am sitting at my daughter’s high school for Solo Contests and peddling cotton candy. We spent last night spinning floss sugar into yummy goodness.


Beware of flying sugar! Nothing beats a head full of sugar cobwebs.

Now we are selling them for two bucks a bag with proceeds going to the arts and music. What a great way to spend the day.

One perk of cotton candy, for teens anyway, is the colored tongue effect. It’s a great hook. That dye is amazingly potent, I think they use tattoo ink. Maybe not. Red dye number 5


We got grape, strawberry, and berry blue. We even have cherry but it is blood red and scary. So we hid those. Cherry ones are for special people.

Cotton candy is a fun treat. I do think cotton candy is related to dreams. Who doesn’t take a bite of spookie fruitie or cherry berry and is transported back to a sweet memory from a childhood carnival experience.


So grab a bag and sink your teeth into the sugar god … And feel young. I’m here all day!

What color do you prefer you teeth?


4 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Dreams

  1. Blood red and scary, of course! C’mon, you couldn’t tease me with that and not expect me to beg for it! 🙂
    I hope the weekend treated you well, Erik. Have a great week!


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