Dwarves and Orcs

I spent a great deal of time during my adolescence playing Dungeons and Dragons. There I said it.

The truth is out there.

I had a lot of fun going on wild adventures, the fate of which is decided by the role of a die or three. I still see the manuals in bookstores so it still must have other players.

Thing is, I was always a dwarf. I loved the little guys and I love bring underground and exploring caves. Deep earthy stuff.

The main character I played, along with his descendants, I kept a detailed journal of his adventures, quests, and treasures found. We had wars between tribes and clashes with beings of all manner. My dwarves were warriors that flew on the backs of eagles. The also possessed a very limited, basic knowledge of some magic.

I pulled out the journal a few weeks ago to reminisce… Now I am thinking the journal might be the skeleton for my next novel.

Still keep it in the horror genre but more a dark fantasy… Has anyone ever pulled out an old journal and envisioned a novel?

There are maps tracking our journeys and the people and places we discovered… Very creative and imaginative stuff.

Who is/ was a D&D fan? I still have a stein I bought in Germany that is now full of dice of every color and number of sides you can think of…


4 thoughts on “Dwarves and Orcs

  1. Interesting inspiration for a novel but one that makes a lot of sense.

    I never got into D&D (I doubt I could find anyone to play with in my neighborhood), but the concept always sounded fun.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I’m with you. I just came forward in my most recent article as a fan growing up. Two of the characters in my fantasy novella are loosely based on old AD&D characters.

    Good article! And good luck with the story.

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