More Ghost Hunting

Hope everyone is doing well and making progress on making your dreams come true!

Well I took the Ghost Radar down to my parents house to compare notes and see if the app gave the same types of readings as they do in my house.

My house:

I have had several readings of energy forms in my house of the past few days. Two or three ‘unexplained’ readings in the living room, the garage, and surprisingly none in the basement. There is a room in the basement that the cat always runs into and gets on his back and starts squirming around making crazy noises. The room always has given me the creeps. But, alas, no positive findings in that room. Everywhere else in my house (an old home built in 1913).

The VOX somehow converts energy signals or something into words, when it finds the right patterns. Lots of hits on the VOX meter.

Kristen -this name came up when we were actually talking about a person named Kristen.
Lots of names of countries…not sure what’s going on with that!

My Dad’s house:

None. No energy readings in any room. Not the attic. Not the little closet in the basement in the back of the “fish room”. Not one word picked up by the VOX. No where. My nieces and nephews were seriously bummed. They followed my around hunting for ghosts and prompted me as to where to check. They were the only demonic entities we found!

What does that tell me? My dad’s house is not haunted and mine apparently has some unexplained energy? I guess that’s what it means. It does show me that the app is not just randomly spitting out results every few seconds. Its picking up something.

Does anybody else have this Ghost Radar app or use other such equipment? Love to hear your thoughts on it…

Well back to The Voice! Ice storm of sorts predicted for tonight…might get to sleep in a few extra hours in the morning!


2 thoughts on “More Ghost Hunting

  1. Okay, that’s totally awesome and interesting when it’s your house, but if I started getting readings in my house, I would be moving immediately! I like my ghosts in movies and on the printed page. It’s bad enough that I get up at 3 am and walk around my house in the dark as I get ready for work. No way, dude!
    Take it easy, Erik.


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