Ghost radar!

I know its been a long while since I posted on my blog and I have no excuse other than life has been busy. Working full-time plus teaching two psych classes this semester. So work keeps me hopping. I am still writing in my free time, mostly at night.

I wanted to talk about ghosts tonight while my spaghetti is cooking.

I don’t know about you, but I love ghost hunting! I found a neat app for my Kindle Fire today called Ghost Radar that claims to assist in my search. It was free, so I figured, why not?!

This app measures electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds by using radar and something called a VOX.

So I have been wandering around the house detecting electromagnetic anomalies.

My Ghost Radar has picked up a few words:


Not sure what it all means, but it is fun! Who else hunts ghost? I’d love to hear about your adventures…

I also wanted to share a sneak peak of my latest short story, “Ginger’s Marble.” Its about the power of a family. Its about zombies. It’s got a crazy twist on the zombie genre I have never read anywhere else! Here is the cover, CW Beier at Divine Lunacy Graphic Studio designed it for me:


4 thoughts on “Ghost radar!

  1. That sounds like one cool app. So it supposedly picks up vibrations and changes them into words. If you do it often enough, who knows, they might right a story for you. I am going to have to upgrade my kindle so I can hunt ghosts also. What fun….

  2. Hey, Erik. No worries, man! Some of us can’t do it all, while others can but are putting nice little holes in their guts! *checks belly*
    I really like that cover. I’m a notorious book cover judger and that one is very eye-catching.
    Take care.


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