Merry Christmas! Behold the #Creepfest Winners!

Merry Christmas to all! Joy to the World and I truly hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family!

The Twelve Days of Creepfest blog tour was amazing! Thank you to all you stopped by to comment or guest blog! I really had a great time visiting with you!

Three of you are especially lucky, as you have won a copy Smashwords coupon code for any of my stories you choose. If you name appears below, please let me know which story you would like and I will get you a code ASAP!

Nora Peevy


Sandy Wolters

You can see the list of my stories on my Amazon author page:

I will leave you with a piece of flash fiction I wrote (well I expanded on it a tad since then) for a prompt from Kim Koning’s blog!

Santa pulled hard on the leather reigns and the reindeer clomped to a stop on the asphalt parking lot in front of the mausoleum, thick puffs of cold breath rose from their snouts. The moon was a bright white circle staring down as the jolly man stepped off his sleigh. He stood in the quiet night and surveyed the rest of the cemetery around the ornate stone structure. Bells jingled on his ankles, wrists, and the end of his thick red stocking cap as he walked to the back of the sleigh where massive burlap bags were stacked. The sound of the bells echoed over the shadowy headstones lining the fields around him.

This was his favorite moment of Christmas. He cried his trademark cheer. “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

The grounds seemed to move and come alive as dirty, rotting hands reached eagerly up out of the ground. Santa flung a sack over his shoulder and walked through the light snow. He strolled through the cold grounds merrily humming Jingle Bells as he unloaded his gift of brains which he had collected using his Naughty List the night before while making his traditional rounds. Undead, clenching hands greedily grabbed the gift and sunk back into the earth.

As he returned for the last bag in his sleigh, one of the reindeer snorted as he skipped past it.

At the mausoleum, a tall stone door creaked open. The massive door was etched with angels holding swords. Santa slung his sack over his shoulder and marched inside. Before the darkness swallowed him up, he turned and shouted: “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Behold the #Creepfest Winners!

  1. Eric, I’d love it if you surprised me too! Thank you so much! I haven’t been online much during the holidays and I just got your DM on Twittter. My e-mail address is: sandy(dot)wolters(at)q(dot)com

    Thank you so much! I’ll add your book to my Goodreads TBR as soon as I get it!

    Happy dance! Happy dance! I’m a winner! Woot!

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