Trick or Treat Blog Adventure

Greetings Trick or Treaters please come in and find stump around the campfire to sit down on. We might cook S’mores later for those who survive the evening. Don’t mind the bones, some folks stay a real long time…

The theme for my Halloween blog is frightening memories. Everyone has them. Some may have suppressed them or refuse to talk about them but everyone has at least one good creepy story, just like every lake has at least one huge fish lurking in the murky waters. I want to hear yours! So fair is fair…if you are going to share something sinister and dark it’s only fair that I should share also.

First though, I want to introduce myself so you know the man in charge of keeping the fire stoked out here. My name is Erik Gustafson and I am a horror writer. I live in small town Iowa now after spending 20 years roaming the world courtesy of the US Air Force. If you want to know more about me, you can click on About Me above.

What have I written? I thought you might ask! I released my first horror novel this year. Its titled “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon.”

It’s a coming of age horror story about a young man trying to outrun a tragic fire from childhood – he is being pursued by something he doesn’t understand but its demonic and powerful. I also have several short stories. One about Mitch and his murder of crows. One about a possessed garden. One about a father and son fishing trip turned survival frenzy. One about the imagination of a child going horribly wrong. One about a psychopath obsessed with sharks. You can read all about my work in more detail by clicking on My Writings up at the top.

My scariest memory happened when I was around eight I believe. It involves my dad (aren’t dad’s great for that?) My parents had a friend that lived out on a farm way out in the middle of nowhere. We went out there quite often. Most of the drive was along dusty, gravel roads. Along one of the roads, there was a small graveyard. When I say along the road I literally mean just that. The cemetery was an island in the road! There was an old willow tree and maybe 10 or 12 old headstones bordered by a wrought iron fence. You had to actually drive around it to go past. Well one night we headed out to my father’s friends house and my dad was really playing up how the full moon brings out the spirits and he had heard there were ghost sightings at the cemetery lately.

So as we approached the graveyard he pretended like the car died and it slowed to a crawl right next to the graveyard, then as the car stopped he pushed the lights off. My sister and I were screaming. My dad said he couldn’t get the car started. I was about to come out of my skin. Then he said he saw something moving around by one of the headstones. He said he was going to check it out. I begged him to stay in the car; just get it started. He got out and started walking up to the fence. He opened the gate….then two figures dressed completely in white emerged from the graves and charged my dad. My dad screamed and ran back to the car. We were screaming. He jumped in the car, started it and sped away. To this day he swears he didn’t know there was anybody in the graveyard hiding…looking back, I guess there were a couple of kids drinking or smoking pot or something and saw an opportunity to be funny.

Trick or Treaters, let’s get down to business…share your most terrifying memory and I will pick three of the scariest tales to receive a coupon code for an ebook copy of Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon on Smashwords!! After you are done here, get back to JLB Creative’s Blog to visit all the other great writers and see what they are offering you!

Stay scared.


5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Blog Adventure

  1. Hello fellow hopper!

    Glad I could visit your site. 🙂 I’m looking forward to a night in front of the fire and

    shivery tales of spirits and the dark. Come visit me if you like– and get

    one of my books and enter to win a NOOK!

    Thanks and happy hopping!

    I signed up!

  2. Am I too late for this? I don’t know but in the spirit of halloween I’ll share my story regardless. A true story that frightened me straight.

    I have always been fascinated with the unknown, death, ghosts, demons, ouija, you name it, I love it. The thing is, I’ve also always been tormented by a very active imagination that has given me more than my share of nightmares; actually, when I was around five, I didn’t sleep a whole night in six months, every night woken up in screams with horrendous nightmares still burned in my memory. My mother got scared, she made me pray on my knees every night before sleeping and forbade any kind of ghostly shenanigans from our household.

    Anyway, against my parents best judgement, when I became a teenager I started to delve more and more into the world of the strange. First, I visited oracles and tarot readers, witches and witchcraft groups, and read every kind of book that got into my hands; the darker, the better. Finally, reading and watching someone else doing it wasn’t enough; I bought a ouija board and started communicating, then I got my first Tarot cards as a present and started reading them using books as guides. To top it all, I met a woman who claimed to be a black witch and took a liking in me, citing I had great potential as a witch, she marked me for green, red, and blue magic, and we started to work towards me becoming a black witch. I finally got marked (with the blood of a dead chicken, mind you) as a black witch and started my real ‘education’.

    Things spiraled out of control, I was dreaming with dead people and cemeteries on a daily basis and was reading my Tarot cards without the need of any book, things just popped into my mind and I was told by the people I read for, that I was incredibly accurate. All was fun until now but then things just got creepier as I could always hear someone behind me at all times; nobody wanted to be alone in my house because there was the sense of a foreboding presence, and I could hear the sound of someone sweeping on the staircase whenever the lights were out.

    I was getting scared by this point. The day came when I was supposed to meet my ‘teacher’ for the final stage on my initiation process; I didn’t know it then but I was supposed to sign a contract with the dark forces in my blood that night.

    I started my way to her house, it was located in a desolate area of town, very far away from where I lived with my parents. That evening there had been a storm and the earthen roads were muddied and very hard to drive. From the moment I turned out of the highway and into the small neighborhood, I felt my heart thumping and got really, really scared. I didn’t know why I was scared, I had been there many times before and I knew the way pretty good, however, I got lost. My fear only increased and it got to a point where I couldn’t think clearly anymore and all my body and mind yelled at me I had to run out of the place, run for my life. My car got stuck in a huge puddle, for five minutes I fought with my every fibre to stay put inside the car and liberate it. The longest five minutes of my life, I was praying to God to help me get out of the mess, promising I would go home; there would be no meeting, not tonight. Not ever. The car got free and I got out of that place as far as the accelerator aloud me.

    I severed all communication with the witch after she told me what was awaiting me and took what had happened that night as a sign that I should stop. I only continued reading the cards but a month later, things got rotten again when stuff from my closet started disappearing out of the blue. A cousin of mine who is a magical witch told me there was someone haunting me to pay for the power I had been given, I was supposed to stop all forms of divination and do a spell to clean my soul or pay the price. So, I did the spell just as my cousin told me. The next morning, in the farthest corner of my closet, I found one tennis shoe that had disappeared a few weeks ago; inside it was a hair tuft. MY hair. I checked and indeed, I had a clear cut on my long locks out of the back of my head, reason why I hadn’t noticed it before.

    I swear I looked for that shoe in that exact place many times over before that day but I stopped wondering what had happened. I never read the cards again, though I still have them, and I’m now very careful to keep my interest well away from any form of practical witchcraft.

    • Thanks for stopping by and wow that is a heck of an experience that you had. Creepy stuff. There must be something out there on the other side or whatever you want to call it. Thanks for sharing that. I could hook you up with a coupon code if you leave your email or something.

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