Bat Hunting and Coffin Hop

Have you ever seen a bat in your house? What better time than Halloween to discuss bat hunting. Ok so its not as glamorous as being a vampire hunter like Buffy but there are a lot similarities. At times, it can be just as unnerving. It also takes bravery to hunt bats. And weapons.

My home was built in 1913 and when I moved into a few years ago, we had a bat problem. This was not disclosed by the previous owners. I think that little morsel of knowledge should be shared at the negation table.
So we woke one night to the swooshing sound in our bedroom. My wife turned on the lamp on the nightstand and a little fluttering bat was doing laps around our bedroom. We both screamed (ok I admit that I wasn’t a mighty bat hunter, at first). I screamed like a little girl. She bolted from the room. My heart was pounding and I was hyperventilating but I low crawled out of the bedroom, sprinted down the steps and found a broom (A handy bat hunter weapon? No. Brooms are poor choice, a rookie move). I ran back to the bedroom, squatting at the foot of the bed, blindly swinging the long broom.
I kept missing the bat. It kept doing laps and occasionally screeching at me. I smacked the globe on the ceiling fan. It exploded onto the bedding in a million tiny shards. At three AM. I finally got the bat. That was a big mess to clean up. Not the bat. The glass.

Thus began a campaign to seal up my home and keep the bats out.

Patching holes, fixing gutters. Covering vents with mesh. Filling cracks with that foam stuff.

I would find places that I figured were how they were getting in and seal it up only to find a bat hanging from our mantle or suddenly appear in the living room doing laps. Their little faces look like miniature people.

The ideal weapons for hunting bats are a racquetball racket and a shoebox. If we get attacked, I announce we are on red alert, go get my weapons and track the bat until it picks a place to hang from. Then I place the shoebox under the bat and gently tap it with the racket. They drop in and I shut it. No big deal.

The bats scream in protest but they usually survive the ordeal. After all, bats are a protected species and they chow down on millions of bugs.

It took over a year of hard work but we only saw one bat this year.

That is how I became Erik the Bat Hunter. I have lots of bat stories.

Don’t forget to check out my Coffin Hope blog post from the other day and enter to win one of my ebooks!! All you have to do is tell me about your favorite Halloween costume…alternatively you could tell me about your own harrowing bat-hunting tale! Either way, keep clicking on the Coffin Hop!


17 thoughts on “Bat Hunting and Coffin Hop

  1. My favorite costume and it wasn’t scary was a bunny. My mother had made it and that year I had a broken leg, and this costume was the greatest. My brother pulled me around in the wagon, door to door collecting our treats.

  2. Oh, geez. I once woke up in the middle of the night, at a friend’s house. We were in the basement, in a closed room w/ no windows, and a bat was circling in flight. Scary as hell!

  3. Hey, Erik. My wife found a bat hanging near our front door a few years ago during the afternoon. I was unable to locate the photo of it. Being not nearly as ballsy as you, we got the neighbor to come over and scoop it up, He was crazy; always keeping strange animals around his house.
    As I was about to type this note, I recalled that I once looked ridiculous at work attempting to capture a bat that had entered our plant (I’m a supervisor at Sun Maid Raisins). I was armed with a segment of cardboard and was trying to knock it out of the air. Very pathetic! It kept swooping at me. My manager recalls the story with a twisted type of glee…

  4. When I was studying at a language school in Italy, I stayed in a convent. There were communal bathrooms in the hall. At night, in the warm months, they would leave the windows (and shutters) open at night to cool down the place and every now and then bats would get in. If I had to get up in the night I was always scared because of the stories the other students would tell about a bat landing on your head and getting tangled in your hair! There were a lot of creatures in that convent…including millipede-things that looked like giant feathers and moths that seemed to have mutated from radioactive waste they were so huge!

  5. Strangest thing I’ve heard was a man that got Rabies from having a diseased bat living in his attic that he never came in contact from. He let it progress to a fatal level because he didn’t know what was wrong with him and he hadn’t been bit by anything.

    • Wow that is indeed a strange story. Did they ever figure out how he got rabies then? I almost got bit reaching into a ornament box in the basement! About had a heart attack too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. My favorite Halloween costume — I found this great over-the-head latex mask that looked like it had been crudely stitched together from pieces of people’s faces. Seriously disturbing. But what to wear it with? Aha! A *police uniform.* Everyone at the party I went to was pretty freaked out by it. I had a lovely evening.

    Thanks for the contest! Check out my Coffin Hop giveaway at my site, if you like. Happy Halloween!

  7. When I was a kid my Mom took my brother and I shopping at the mall in Austin and we saw a bat flying around making laps in one of the department stores. My older brother decided he was going to take the opportunity to become the hero. He grabbed his newly purchased Billy Joel record (yes, I said record… as in LP… as in vinyl), and with perfect timing lifted it above his head. The bat flew right into the flat Camelot Music shopping bag that housed the vinyl record, bounced off it, and landed at my brother’s feet. The dazed bat was then taken outside by mall security where it fluttered away to safety.

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