At the park

Just sitting in a park waiting for the band days parade to start. I’m sitting on a high log bench with my feet dangling below me. It’s chilly and feels like fall now. The air is crisp and blue. There are trees all over the park. The leaves and mostly yellow and gold. I’m eating a warm slice of Casey’s pizza.

People watching.

There are people walking around everywhere. Most are carrying coffee and have a folding chair slung over their shoulder. Dozens of strollers. Kids swarming over the slides and swings. Chattering and laughing.

Voices surround me. Families. So many conversations going on at once. Just heard a mom say to her kid “now the bug is crying”. Kid must have stepped on a bug.

Peaceful out here. The announcer just said the parade starts in two minutes.

My daughter plays the clarinet! Won’t be long now!

It’s a good day. Just saying.




2 thoughts on “At the park

  1. Nice vignette. I love Fall (except for the fact that it means Winter is soon on its heels around these parts). And currently I love that I live in the middle of nowhere, but I miss the opportunity to be closer to an opportunity to people watch.

    “Now the bug is crying.” oops. ha ha.

    And how fun to see your daughter in the parade. Was this her first?

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

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