Do Pets Help You Write?

I have two cats and a little fluff dog. His name is Oliver. The cats are Gatsby and Molly. Gatsby is a big, 15 pound orange cat that thinks he is a dog. The dog thinks he is a cat or something. Molly is a shy gray cat with soft fur. She knows she is a cat and acts like one.

But Molly loves the dog too. As you can see here:

They also all groom each other and lounge around together.

You see what I mean? This is typical.

Gatsby likes to help me write. He is up on my lap and keyboard purr away and rubbing his scent glands all over me while I write. I suppose those are creative rubs he is trying to get flowing in me? I wonder what he is trying to convey- if he has some plot twists he wants to share? Maybe he has a new idea for my next novel?

I wish they could talk or at least type…Look at Oliver, doesn’t he have something important to say?


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