All new horror novel Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon

That’s right, I said all new. You may have seen my book around over the past few months and that is true enough….but I fell into the trap many new writers fall prey too: excitement! I wrote the book, read it over a couple times and threw it on Smashwords.

It is a great story but it was never properly edited…until now!! Editing is an important step apparently 🙂

My book was graciously edit by fellow horror writer Jackie G Williams. She has a great heart and a very creepy collection of short stories called A Feast of Horror

You should go buy her book!

If you have given my book a try before, I encourage you to click back over to Smashwords and try the fresh, clean copy! It is so much better! Click here Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon

If you haven’t tried it yet…please do!! I would love to hear your what you think about it!


3 thoughts on “All new horror novel Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon

  1. Congrats, brother. Yes, we must obey a little patience for the sake of the final product. That’s the been the hardest thing for me over the past years, but after each return from agent or editor, once I swallowed my pride (this sometimes took a few weeks), I realized it could still be improved.

    I’ve downloaded the sample and look forward to reading it, but I’ve gotta be honest. I only have Kindle for PC (ironic that I’ve e-published my book? Yes, probably), and it’s purely practical use (like reading the Smashwords guide, you know?), so I’ll have to wait for the paper copy to see the whole thing. Are you thinking about going paperback (like through CreateSpace)?

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

  2. One more thing… well, two actually. I’m a little backlogged in my reading (and life, in general), right now, so it might be a few weeks until I can read the sample.

    And you might kill me for saying this now, but fortunately the cover image doesn’t usually hold up things as long. I found this site for free fonts that you can download to your computer for use in Photoshop and the like. Make sure you look at the fonts closely, though. Some of them are for personal use only (but others will be marked “commercial-use friendly”) Just type your genre into the search and it will pull up the fonts (as well as related categories on the left hand side for extending your search).

    Hopefully you will take this as my constructive way of saying that I think you might consider jazzing up your cover font a little. And again, sorry I didn’t get you this information sooner. I’ve gone through a slew of cover changes, and I know what a pain it is to change them at all the locations.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

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