Apparitions of Terror

I have been tinkering around with my blog to make it more interesting. I decided to name my place Apparitions of Terror: Horror that Sticks to your Brain. I never had a name for my blog but that seems like an important detail I left out.

I changed the colors around a bit and used one of my paintings for the background… Its a little less generic now at least and has a name!!


10 thoughts on “Apparitions of Terror

      • Maybe you could change it to “My Visions of Terror.” That way anyone searching for the movie might also happen upon your blog. Or “One Writer’s Visions of Terror.” I dunno. The three words “visions of terror” are pretty common (especially for our profession), so I think it would be tricky to call you on any copyright infringement, especially if you tacked a couple extra words on. And voila! More possible search engine traffic. Some will obviously not click on your site because they weren’t looking for you, but people have serious short term memory issues when they’re online, and someone with ADHD (or someone like myself) might say, “Hey, that sounds like an interesting blog.”

        Just a thought.
        Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

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