New connections and short story done!

Well I updated my WordPress settings so my blog is linked to all my social media outlets. It will be interesting to see how that impacts my traffic!!

I finished my short story called The Fishers! I had a different title but it gave away too much of the plot I found out. The story is about a father and son out fishing but soon they realize there is something fishing for them. The ending I changed from being open-ended and mysterious to a more final conclusion since its a stand alone story but I think I may expand it into a novel someday so I would change the ending back when I do that. I got a couple of great people to beta read it and the feedback has been good!

I got some great advice to about perspectives from Mark @souzawrites

I wrote it in Third Person Omniscient, which removed the writer too far from the story and I found that left out a lot of the emotion and intensity of the action. Omniscient just was too objective for a horror story. It had a reporter feel.

So I rewrote it in Third person Limited, which keeps the the action focused on the main character and what he is feeling and doing and how things happen from his perspective. Much more intense! It really makes the reader feel for the character and what he is going through. This style really brought the characters and the reader much closer together. I liked what I learned!!

So thanks Mark you have really helped me understand these differences in perspective!! I hope my story is better for it!


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