Major edit done!

Well I am sitting back a celebrating a bit…I just finished a MASSIVE line edit / proofreading of my novel. I think I made changes to nearly every sentence and paragraph. I moved some scenes around to make things flow better and removed a lot of repetitive sentences. I found I described something and then often had one of characters say what I had just described….not cool.

It was an exhausting experience…I think it took 6 weeks to line edit. I have uploaded the new version. Hope everyone enjoys the changes and corrections!

Self publishing is a learn-as-you go process. I wish I was just now publishing my novel instead of the past February. Its good now though (I think lol) and look forward to some reviews.

Now what to do next…I have two WIPs that are about 50 – 60 pages into it…one is a straight horror novel the other is a series I hope to see through that starts out horror and evolves to Scifi, without leaving behind the horror too much.

I am thinking of trying a couple of short stories now instead and getting those out there to get some feedback generated.


8 thoughts on “Major edit done!

  1. Congrats on completing the major edit. I just recently finished my line edit of Pursuit of a Dream and can relate to the exhausting experience. Now it’s in “Beta Read” mode, which will probably result in more edits. All the sweat, tears, and writer’s cramp will all be worth it in the end.

    – Robert

    P.S. I just downloaded a sample of Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon.

      • I here ya. That’s the great thing about e-book nowadays. You can always make corrections and revise the book. My print edition has a number of typos and errors in it. When I originally published it back in ’04, I had no intention of marketing the book; I had only wanted to have something in print as kind of trophy of a completed project. Now with e-books becoming so popular, I am able to correct those errors and do some rewrites with no overhead.

        By the way, something I’ve never mentioned to my fellow writers is that I LOVE dragons. I have a large collection of them at home, so your cover drew me in. I like how the smoke comes out of the nostrils and surrounds the flames around the black dragon’s head.


      • Yeah dragons are kinda cool! The smoke coming out of the nostrils was something I added about week or two ago…the final touch. for now.

  2. Congratulations. Yes, line edits are always exhausting. What’s worse is when you go back after a couple of weeks and start looking at it again… and finding more things! I think I might’ve mentioned how many rewrites and line edits I’ve done, and I know that if I looked at my book today, I would find more things I could do. Maddening. I think at some point you just have to put it out there for feedback (as Robert mentioned, the nice thing about e-publishing… easy to update new versions) and get on to the next project.

    Good luck. I’ve been so mired in my novel for so long, that I’m having a hard time getting back into my next project. But I think working on short fiction has helped get clear my head. Mental sherbet, if you will. So I think you’re on to something there.

    Paul D. Dail

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