Tweeked my cover

I changed my cover a bit…what do you think? I made the smoke look like its coming out of the dragons nostrils!

I also reworded my description and am nearly done line editing…how does this sound?

A fire that burns through the years… Somehow six-year old Willy survived a huge fire. Except the memory of the flames engulfed his childhood and haunted him for years. Terrible secrets that should have burned away have come back. Now an adult, he must return to Iowa and confront the evil that haunts him. Why not try the sample and get going on this creepy journey right now?


5 thoughts on “Tweeked my cover

  1. Hey Erik,
    Can you post your other cover as well for a side by side comparison? I’m also in the process of revamping my cover.

    And descriptions are brutal. I spent hours on mine. A couple suggestions for you. I always have to look up the rule on this one, but I believe it is six-year-old. Nice use of extended metaphor (flames engulfed, should have burned away). Go powerful on your last sentence. Instead of making it a question, say “Try the sample and get going…” Finally (and this is totally just personal preference), I’m always a little leery of the word “creepy.” While I love him as an author, it just feels a little too Lovecraft in a description (ahh, the HORRRROR!). I think you’ve already hinted at that fact and I believe you could remove it from the last line.

    Or maybe:
    Now an adult, he must return to Iowa. Try the sample and join Willy on his journey to confront the evil that still haunts him.

    Just a couple thoughts. Hope they help.

    Paul D. Dail

  2. Thanks for the tips Paul!!’
    ….it is a struggle to write a description and design a cover that will get people to pick up a copy!! The old cover is still on my blog if you scroll down a little bit….I basically trimmed up the smoke and made it look like it was coming out of the nostrils

  3. Anything I can do to help. Again, it’s all subjective (especially with my “creepy” comment). I just figure it helps to have as many eyes on it as possible. God speed!

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