Editing sucks

Ok I have been editing Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon (my debut horror novel) for three or four weeks now and the labor sucks…its hard work.

Things I hate:

Rephrasing and repeating crap
Long paragraphs
Passive voice
Making stuff flow

But I am persevering and I think my book is a million times better for all my efforts…I just want to finish and set the darned aside. I can’t wait to get it back out there and see what people think of it!

I have other WIPs but I can’t focus on them knowing Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon is a mess.



One thought on “Editing sucks

  1. Ahh, editing. Yeah, it sucks. I’ve been through my first book probably seven times (three semi-major rewrites and at least four line edits). I agree that the books get that much better with each edit, but the one thing that I’ve found that is a really good thing is when I start making connections in the story that weren’t necessarily there before (at least consciously) but which I can now enhance a little to strengthen the story. Of course, my first draft was pretty horrendous, so it definitely needed all of that work.

    I’m the same as you, though. I can’t focus on other projects until I feel like I’ve finished the one I’m working on. Best of luck to you.

    Paul D. Dail

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